ending a package overseas to the UAE and to destinations such as Dubai is affordable if you look to use a shipping calculator that can uncover the best shipping rates in a matter of seconds. We offer both Express and Economy courier services so we have something for every time frame and every budget.

The cheapest way to ship your package to the UAE would be via DHL eCommerce, a tracked mail courier service which when you book online you drop off at your local USPS Post Office. DHL created this service to reduce the costs of cross-border shipping and once you have dropped it off, it will be taken to a central sorting location before being shipped overseas to the UAE by DHL and then a local delivery expert completes the delivery.

Another tracked mail service available to book is TrakPak, a tracked mail courier who can deliver to Dubai and the rest of the UAE in 4-14 days. Book online and drop off at your local FedEx store.